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Verbs Beginning With Ex Pt 2

ex words part 2Not too long ago we gave you 50 awesome verbs beginning with ex, and we promised you a part 2 with more! Well, here it is, 40 more verbs beginning with ex. Why 40 and not 50 this time? Because we thought it would be fun if you guys came up with another 10 yourselves, so leave your suggestions in the comments section and let’s make it 50! You can view verbs beginning with ex pt 1 here once you’ve read the new ones below.

  1. Experiment: to test or try
  2. Expiate: to absolve of guilt, or to make amends
  3. Expire: to conclude or die, or to breath out
  4. Explain: to make something known or understood or demonstrate knowledge or understanding
  5. Explicate: to describe or analyze
  6. Explode: to burst or give forth, or suddenly accelerate or increase
  7. Extinguish: to eclipse, nullify, or quench
  8. Extirpate: to cut out, destroy, or uproot
  9. Extol: to glorify or praise
  10. Extort: to wring from, to obtain from by argument or intimidation
  11. Extract: to draw out, remove, or select
  12. Extradite: to deliver a fugitive from one jurisdiction to another
  13. Extrapolate: to infer, expand on, or predict
  14. Extravasate: to cause to escape, or to force out (as in surgery)
  15. Extricate: to free or remove from difficulty, or to distinguish from
  16. Extrude: to press or push out, or to shape
  17. Exuberate: to demonstrate unrestrained joy
  18. Exude: to diffuse or spread out, or to display obviously
  19. Exult: to rejoice
  20. Exploit: to utilize, or to take advantage of knowledge
  21. Explore: to analyze, investigate, or study, or to test or travel
  22. Export: to carry, remove, or send
  23. Expose: to make known, to show, or to subject to the elements or to view
  24. Exposit: see expound
  25. Expostulate: to discuss or examine
  26. Expound: to argue, comment, or state
  27. Express: to force out, to show, or to symbolize, or to offer feelings or opinions or to perform in order to demonstrate artistry and/or communicate creative material
  28. Expropriate: to deprive of property or take another’s property for one’s own
  29. Expulse: see expel
  30. Extend: to put or send out
  31. Extenuate: to mitigate or to reduce strength or effect
  32. Exteriorize: to bring out from inside (as in surgery)
  33. Exterminate: to get rid of or kill
  34. Externalize: to rationalize, or to make manifest
  35. Exit: to go out
  36. Exonerate: to reverse an accusation
  37. Exorcise: to get rid of an evil spirit or something troublesome
  38. Expand: to enlarge or spread
  39. Expatiate: to wander, or to communicate at length
  40. Expatriate: to banish, or to withdraw from residence or allegiance