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Using Verbs Beginning With Ex Pt 1

ex words part 1Verbs starting with "Ex" make for awesome words, and there is such a huge amount it beggars belief. We picked 50 of our favorites, noted down their meanings, and made an awesome list so you can improve and expand your verb usage. It's probably a bit much to take in one go, so why not learn two a day and add them to your grammar armory slowly. Watch out for part 2, which will include another list of exciting "Ex" verbs...oops that was another.

  1. Excise: to remove by cutting or as if by cutting
  2. Excite: to arouse or stimulate
  3. Exclaim: to cry out passionately or vehemently
  4. Exclude: to bar, or to prevent entrance or inclusion
  5. Expunge: to destroy or to strike out
  6. Expurgate: to remove something objectionable
  7. Exscind: to cut off or out
  8. Exsert: to throw out
  9. Exsiccate: to dry
  10. Extemporize: to improvise
  11. Excogitate: to devise
  12. Excommunicate: to bar from membership
  13. Excoriate: to abrade or censure
  14. Excuse: to forgive or remove blame from or to justify or make an apology for
  15. Execrate: to denounce
  16. Execute: to carry out or perform
  17. Exacerbate: to make worse
  18. Exact: to call for and obtain (“exact revenge”)
  19. Exaggerate: to overemphasize or overstate
  20. Exalt: to glorify or intensify
  21. Examine: to inspect, investigate, or scrutinize
  22. Exasperate: to aggravate or enrage
  23. Excavate: to remove or expose by digging or as if by digging
  24. Exceed: to be greater than or to go beyond a limit or normal boundary
  25. Excrete: to discharge or eliminate
  26. Excruciate: to torture
  27. Exculpate: to clear of blame or fault
  28. Except: to keep out or to object
  29. Excerpt: to take out or select, especially writing, for other use
  30. Exchange: to trade
  31. Exemplify: to embody or make an example of
  32. Exempt: to set apart or release from a requirement
  33. Exenterate: to disembowel
  34. Exercise: to practice, train, or put to use
  35. Exert: to put forth effort
  36. Exfoliate: to cast off or remove
  37. Exhale: to breathe out
  38. Exhaust: to wear out
  39. Exhibit: to show or demonstrate
  40. Exhilarate: to refresh or stimulate
  41. Exhort: to appeal to or to warn
  42. Exhume: to disinter or to rectify neglect
  43. Exile: to drive out
  44. Exist: to continue to be or to have being
  45. Expect: to await or to suppose
  46. Expectorate: to discharge or spit
  47. Expedite: to cause to occur quickly, or to dispatch or issue
  48. Expel: to eject
  49. Expend: to spend, use up, or utilize
  50. Experience: to learn or sense by direct participation or observation