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How To Improve Your Writing

How to improve your writingMany aspiring writers have an urge to write but get stuck in the "I don't know what to write about" zone. So, to stimulate your creative senses we have come up with four writing exercises that will give you not just plenty to write about but also improve your writing threefold. The best place to start writing is always about things you know; that's easy, everyone knows something about something.

Exercise 1:

Pick you favorite TV series and write a hypnosis for a new episode. You can use the same characters and introduce new ones to the a new storyline. Don't hold back, let your creative juices run wild on the page.

Exercise 2:

This is a bit harder. Go to the library or your dad's bookshelf and pick up a book with an intriguing title. Don't read what it is about! Now go and write the first chapter of that book. Introduce the setting, story, characters. When you have finished compare your chapter with that of the original book; this is great fun.

Exercise 3:

Choose an intriguing piece of artwork you like, portraits are ideal. From the picture create a story based on the person or place. Think about the time in which they lived and the story told by their face. Consider the landscape or background and imagine what they might have endured in life based on expression and posture.

Exercise 4:

Create your own future...what might your life be like 20 years from now. Make it the perfect future; write down your goals, dreams and aspirations for your family and friends. Will you have children? Where will you live? What will your job be? What technology will be available?

Writing is supposed to be fun. Don't stress out with writer's block, use these exercises to get busy writing.