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How it works

To check your text, copy and paste or write directly into the online editor above.

Click the gray Free Check button to check grammar and spelling. If you see an underlined grammar or spelling suggestion, click on the highlighted area for correction options and apply as necessary.

And as always, please make sure you review and double-check your work.

Click the orange Deep Check button to detect even the most difficult-to-spot writing mistakes: punctuation errors, run-on sentences, dangling modifiers, wrong words, style issues, and up to ten times more errors than any other common grammar checker. To enable advanced features and suggestions within the online editor, wait for the check to complete, install the app, sign in, and reload this page.

More than a grammar checker?
Yes. This tool checks not only grammar, but also spelling, punctuation, word choice, and even style.
Who can use this tool?
Anyone who writes in English: students, learners, professionals, teachers, and even proofreaders. Yes, even native English speakers make mistakes from time to time.