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5 Things To Do When You Don't Feel Like Writing

bored and tired writerNot too long ago we penned a post regarding how to improve your writing. But what about when you don't feel like writing? There are times when you have a couple of hours to spare and you know you should be writing but simply can't find the motivation. Now, we could give you some motivational tips to start writing, but that will be for another post. Instead, here are some things you can do with that spare time that indirectly involve writing but aren't classified as "writing".

1. Brainstorm Ideas

What better thing to do when not writing than to plan writing. Grab a notebook, a pen, a cup of tea and a comfy seat and start jotting down ideas for your book, article, blog post or whatever you might have in the pipeline.

2. Read About How To Improve Your Writing

Aside from this blog there are tones of others that will help you improve your writing. Check out www.thewritingsite.org and www.spellcheckonline.com for some great tips on grammar, spelling and other areas of writing.

3. Organize Your Files

I bet your desktop is a mess; files sprwaled all over the place. Furthermore, I bet the files in your documents folder aren't organized into relavant folders. Am I right? If so, spend your spare time tidying up and having a clear out. Clearing space is mindful and sparks motivation and creativity for writing.

4. Post Some Links and Send Out Some Articles

If you have a blog why not post some links to your work on Facebook, Twitter or the comments section of other relevant blogs. Why not spend this spare time sending articles to relevant publications and websites in order to further your chances of getting paid work. A little self-promotion goes a long way.

5. Create a Portfolio

If you don't already have one, you should. It only takes a couple of hours to put together examples of your best work for showcasing to potential employers, or simply to show friends and family. Get together some of your best pieces (published or unpublished) and put them into one folder on your computer. You might chose to upload your portfolio to your website.